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Boston & Maine 02600 Series Log Trucks


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ORER data and numbers

ORER History
# of
in "Freight Equipment" table of B&M RR listing
1895 - 12 02600-02799 166 4 wheel log truck
1896 - 01 (same)
1896 - 02 (same)
1896 - 03 (same)
1896 - 04 (same)
1896 - 05 (same)
1896 - 06 (same)
1896 - 07 (same)
1896 - 08 (same)
1896 - 09 (same)
1896 - 10 Not listed (Combined with other series into 01-02799)

ORER Notes

Discussion, General Notes

Paint Schemes

References or other data


As the "4 wheel" car series bounced around a bit, I am putting all the photos in the 1897 "Misc.." 01-02799 series


Combined with other "0xxx" cars into one series:
Date Quantity New Numbers Description
11/1896 all 01-02799 4-Wheel Coal and Log Trucks


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