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Boston & Maine 7600 Series Hopper Cars


Builder's Photo

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Photos of B&LE cars ( thanks to Ed Hawkins for finding/organizing these photos):

Refurbished cars

B&M Classification Card(s)

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Specifications From Railway Prototype Cyclopedia

From the Railway Prototype Cyclopedia #1, #4, #25, data for B&LE unless otherwise stated
Spec B&LE 50001-50500B&LE 50501-50750
Builder Pullman-Standard Pressed Steel Car Co.
Lot # 5842 ?
Quantity 500 250
Build Date 10/1946 12/1946
Door Lock Wine
AAR class
Lt Weight
Description 70 ton "non-AAR standard" 2-bay offset side hopper
Cubic Cap'y 2190 Cu. Ft.
Trucks Note "clasp" brakes (hangers outside wheels)
Sides Note "stepped" taper (like B&M 8000 series quad hopper) rather that straight taper to car corner

ORER data and numbers

ORER Size Data
Description 7/1968
AAR Mechanical Designation HM
Length 33'
Width 10'-4"
Length 36'-6"
Width At Eaves or top of sides or platform 10'-5"
Extreme Width 10'-5"
To Extreme Width 10'-9"
To Eaves or top of sides or platform 10'-9"
To Top of Running Board
To Extreme Height 10'-9"
Door - Side
Capacity Cu Ft. Level Full 2190
Pounds 154000

ORER History
# of
1968 - 07 7600-7799 200 Hopper, steel
1968 - 10 (same)
1969 - 01 (same)
1969 - 04 (same)
1969 - 07 (same)
1969 - 10 (same)
1970 - 01 (same)
1970 - 04 (same)
1970 - 07 " 196 "
1970 - 10 " 193 "
1971 - 01 (same)
1971 - 04 (same)
1971 - 07 Not listed

ORER Notes

Discussion, General Notes

Paint Schemes

References or other data


PageCar # Photo Date
Visible? MarkingsPaint
Herald Notes
Hawkins, Ed D. "1935 50/60-Ton AAR Two-Bay Offset Hopper - Part 3. Circa 1934-1960", Railway Prototype Cyclopedia #4 RP CYC Publishing Co., 2000
p90 (top) B&LE 50090 ca 1957 X B&LE B&LE Note trucks w/clasp brakes
NERail Photo Archive
or http://photos.nerail.org/ → "By Railroad" → "Boston & Maine" →
Then scroll thru to find the photo "Concord, NH".
or try: http://photos.nerail.org/s/?p=220881
7603 1971-03-27 p BMRRN



For info on modeling the clasp brake trucks, see the 7000 (2nd) series hopper cars
(although it looks like the "middle" spring is set back further than on the 7000 (2nd) series cars)

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